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Welcome To
Doula Resource Library

Get lots of helpful Doula resources at the touch of a finger!

Resources are updated with new tools every 30 days!

Just $10.99/month - Cancel Anytime

Who Doula Resource Library Is For:

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Experienced Doulas who are looking to further educate themselves

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Doulas who want to provide quality resources to clients

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New Doulas who are looking for a lot of resources in one place

How Doula Resource Library Supports You:

Our Doula Resource Library website was created to provide Doulas in the state of Oregon with a place they can access a wide range of information that will help their clients, themselves and their business. We believe that supporting your clients and you in the best way possible is of the utmost importance in order to build stronger and more positive communities all across the state of Oregon.

When you join Doula Resource Library you will get:

Over 50 unique resources specifically for Doulas

Over 40 resources for clients in the state of Oregon

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New resources that are added to the online lists every 30 days

Learn, Grow, Be Informed with Doula Resource Library

When you sign up for a membership with us you have 24 hour access to the largest resource list for you and your clients in Oregon State!

Just $10.99/month - Cancel Anytime

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